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Consultant and supplier to over 400 golf courses in California stretching from San Diego up to the Bay Area over to Lake Tahoe and back down to Palm Springs. I've also worked with numerous school districts, municipalities and professional sportsfields.  California is a very diverse state in climate and conditions. Being able to work with that many throughout the state makes me truly unique in the industry. 

      I started Seed King Enterprises back in 2019 to continue working  with golf courses and sportsfields providing consulting services on turfgrasses, native areas, wildflowers for pollinator areas and other special scenarios found on golf courses and sportsfields not normally handled by many companies. I figured by working with the golf course or sportsturf maintenance staff on creation and ongoing enhancement of those areas would make a better environment for golfers/end users and nature. 
       Over time, I've modified my professional services into providing the products for many scenarios including seed, sod, plugs and live plant material for various projects on  golf courses and sportsfields. I work with numerous companies and thus can source products from them that may best suit the particular situation the superintendent is trying create.
       I've been working in the ornamental horticulture and seed business for 40 years and have a wealth of knowledge that can handle almost all  particular needs.

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